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Vol. 28 No. 01 (2021): JPTCP

Published: 2021-03-28


Photorefractive treatment of myopic astigmatism by laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis and Photorefractive Keratectomy

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Samak, Sajid Yousef Shehab
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Page 1-6

Topical Isoxsuprine in experimentally induced hypertrophic scar in rabbits

Mohammed j Manna Manna, Muhannad Sami Jalil Jalil , Murtadha S Jabu Jabu
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Page 63-72

The Incidence rate and risk factors of antenatal stillbirth in Al-Diwaniyah Province at the mid-euphrates region of Iraq: Cross-sectional study

Hayat Jabir AL Sultani, Hasan Osamah Taher AL-Obaidi, Ghufran Jihad Kadhim Shabbani
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Page 7-13

A descriptive study of post-tonsillectomy bleeding

Mazin Rajeh Jaber
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Page 56-62

Arabian undergraduates perceptions regarding barriers among the geriatric patients for failing to keep dental appointments: A cross-sectional study

Saquib Ahmed Shaikh, Sami Aldhuwayhi, Angel Mary Joseph, Vinutha kumari Varadharaju, Abdul Rehman Ahmed Khan, Amar Ashok Thakare, Mohnish Zulfikar Manva, Farheena Desai, Saleem Shaikh, Mohammed Ziauddeen Mustafa, Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni
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Calculation of the Lémann index at initial Presentation of Crohn’s disease in a sample of Iraqi patients attending gastroenterology and hepatology teaching hospital

Askkar Basim A., Nawres Hatif Jassam, Hasan Osamah Al-Obaidi
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Page 46-55

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