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Sania Malik
Qudsiya Bano
Nimra Ehsan
Zeeshan Masood Mian
Taha Alam
Muhammad Haider Ali




Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is an uncommon, slow-progressing tumor originating from the skin's dermal layer (1). Initially identified by Darier and Ferrand in 1924, DFSP was more precisely characterized by Hoffman in 1925 (2). This neoplasm typically appears as a painless, skin-colored plaque that can exhibit dark red or blue tints(3). Over time, DFSP can grow larger, often becoming raised or ulcerated (2). While it is locally invasive (4) and can penetrate nearby tissues including the subcutaneous layer, muscles, tendons, and even bones (5), it rarely metastasizes (4).

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