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Nasir Ali
Mehwish Kiran
Javed Iqbal
Afsha Bibi
Amir Sultan
Dr Maliha B. Thapur
Almas Chapsi
Maryam Ali Khalaf Al Tamimi
Shair Mohammad Hazara
Dr Yumna Jamil
Dr. Maham Bilal
Dr Adanan Yousef
Umema Mumtaz DPT



Background: Nursing education is a dynamic and multidimensional process that involves academic instruction, clinical training, interpersonal skills development, and exposure to diverse healthcare settings.

Objective: To assess nursing students' satisfaction with the nursing program in the private nursing institute in Karachi, Pakistan.

Method: This cross-sectional analytical study was conducted in a private nursing institute in Karachi from 10 February 2023 to 25 June 2023. One hundred forty undergraduate BSN and post-RN nursing students were part of the study.

Result:  The study findings show that the mean satisfaction score, based on a total tool score of 145, was 59.31. Moreover, Gender differences showed insignificant disparity (p = 0.099). Academic program and age were not significant predictors of satisfaction, while 1st-year students demonstrated higher satisfaction (mean score: 60.60) than 3rd-year students (mean score: 56.35, p = 0.021). Conclusion: In conclusion, the study indicates an overall moderate level of satisfaction among nursing students with their program, with a mean score of 59.31 out of 1450. While gender differences did not reach statistical significance, notable disparities in satisfaction were observed between academic years (p = 0.021). We should regularly update the nursing curriculum, teaching methods, and clinical training to match evolving healthcare demands and technology.

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