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Javed Iqbal
Mir Aftab Uz Zaman
Dr Asfand Yar Khalid
Dr Maliha B.Thapur
Dr. Muna Al Maslamani
Khadija Al Shakhali
Dr Abu Khattab
Saadiya Ahmed Alhebail
Dr. Brijesh Sathian
Amir Sultan
Afsha Bibi
Gipson D.Suza
Khalil Al Ismail


Person-centered care approach, Patient engagement, decision-making, Nurse Bedside Shift Report, Patient empowerment


Introduction: This narrative review highlights the importance of person-centered care through the Nurse Bedside Shift Report (NBSR) with the involvement of patients and their families. Person-centered care focuses on the individual’s preferences, values, and needs in healthcare delivery, promoting a collaborative approach between healthcare providers, patients, and their loved ones. Nurses play a crucial role in minimizing stress and reducing anxiety and solicitude for patients during hospitalization, especially during the Nursing handover Bedside Shift Report (NBSR) where patients and their family members actively participate in their care planning and decision-making processes for better healthcare outcomes. This study explores the significance of person-centered care, and strategies for promoting Nurse Bedside Shift Report (NBSR) involvement, discusses the benefits and challenges associated with its implementation, and provides recommendations for enhancing person-centered care practices in nursing.
Aim: This narrative study aims to ensure continuity of change-of-shift report or handoff communication to the real-time process of exchanging patient information between healthcare providers with the involvement of patients and their family members.  

Methods: In this study, information regarding the selected topic via electronic database search was used to find pertinent papers published between 2000 and 2024 for a narrative review, we used the PIOCT technique for literature search are MEDLINE, Google Scholar, and PubMed databases for the relevant studies,  Included both qualitative and quantitative method that dealt with NBSR and patient involvement.

Results: This review incorporated 703 studies from various websites, such as Google Scholar (255), PubMed (149), and CINAHL (100), and 23 studies were analyzed according to inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Conclusion: By reviewing this literature we would like to enlighten the important points that the Nursing Bedside shift report is an effective handoff practice to maintain the continuity of care while providing a person-centered approach to ensure that patients and their family members are involved in their day to day activities and care planning. 

Impact: Bedside shift report has a positive impact on both nurses and patients in terms of satisfaction and outcomes by improving effective communication with patients and healthcare providers, work efficiency and prioritizations, nurse accountability, and teamwork.  

Patient or Nurse Contribution: Patient and nurse contributions are not required for this study. 

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