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Andi Jayalangkara Tanra
Purnomo Bambang
Tawali Suryani
Syamsuddin Saidah
Miskad A Upik
Lisal T Sonny


Risperidone, Schizophrenia, Citicoline, SANS, IL-6.


Background: Schizophrenia has a variety of debilitating symptoms with most categorized into three groups: positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. Inflammation stated as one mechanism Which underlying symptom negative, especially deficit motivation, through effect cytokine inflammation of the basal ganglia. Anti-inflammatory pathway cholinergic is new neuroimmunomodulatory pathway found. Citicoline as an α7nAChR agonist has a role as an anti-inflammatory which can prevent extreme inflammatory reactions in the brain. On research previously There are significant findings about effect of using citicoline adjuvant therapy on IL-6 levels and negative symptoms in schizophrenic patients. Research involving clinical trials still very limited about administration of citicoline against patient schizophrenia

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