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Fatima Soomro
Dr Sangeet
Fnu Simran
Suresh Kumar
Jai Chand
Aisha Chohan


Lamotrigine, Valproic acid, Pregnancy, Attention deficient hyperkinetic disorder (ADHD)


Introduction: Three to seven out of every 1,000 expectant mothers suffer from epilepsy. Antiepileptic medicines (AEMs) are the mainstay of treatment. Many AEMs are related to neurodevelopmental defects in children when used by pregnant females. Objective: The current study examined the relationship between a mother's use of AEMs throughout her pregnancy and the likelihood that her unborn child may experience ADHD. Method The study's data came from babies born to epileptic mothers who received new anti-epileptic medications at any time during their pregnancy. From January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019, we tracked babies born in our hospital, and we continued to make regular telephonic calls to assess their child status until December 31, 2023. Results ADHD was more prevalent in the babies of mothers belonging to the Valproic acid group, with incidence ranging up to 8.87%. The Lamotrigine group had a lower incidence of ADHD as compared to the Valproic acid group (5.71%). The lowest incidence was reported by the babies of mothers belonging to no anti-epileptic usage group (1.42%). Conclusion We found an association between maternal valproic acid use and an increased risk of ADHD. The results of the current investigation did not show any evidence linking the use of Lamotrigine during pregnancy to the onset of ADHD in the unborn child. We suggest that during pregnancy, Lamotrigine may not be as dangerous as other new anti-epileptic medications.

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