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Nimra Sharif
Nadir Farid
Maheen Iqbal
Moeen Ul Haq
Muhammad Imran Farid
Muhammad Siddique Karimi
Akash Kumar
Ahmed Samir Abdul Elhamid Ahmed Mostafa


Gastric cancer prevention, premalignant lesions, surveillance, retrospective study, demographic characteristics, Helicobacter pylori


Introduction: Gastric cancer poses a significant health burden worldwide, necessitating comprehensive prevention and early detection strategies. This retrospective cross-sectional study, spanning one year, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a gastric cancer prevention program in Pakistan. The primary focus was on detecting premalignant gastric lesions and implementing a surveillance system for early cancer detection.

Methodology: The study involved a meticulous analysis of data from a selected cohort of 120 participants. Basic demographic characteristics, clinical symptoms, biopsy results, and specific variables like genetic predisposition, socioeconomic status, and cultural practices were reviewed. Historical intervention data included health education sessions, dietary counseling, lifestyle recommendations, and Helicobacter pylori testing with eradication therapy. Statistical analysis, utilizing SPSS version 21, employed descriptive statistics and t-tests to identify significant differences among patients with benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions of the upper GI tract.

Results: The findings provided insights into the efficacy of past interventions. Age distribution revealed 20.8% were 40 years and below, 50% were between 41-64 years, and 29.2% were 65 years and above. The majority were female (58.3%), and ethnicity showed diversity. Overweight and obesity prevalence was 58.3%, and 54.2% of participants were in-patients. Gastrointestinal symptoms varied, with heartburn (37.5%) and screening for varices (29.2%) being prominent.

Conclusion: The study contributes valuable insights into gastric cancer prevention in Pakistan. The past intervention program, encompassing education, lifestyle modifications, and H. pylori eradication, shows promise. The findings underscore the importance of tailored strategies considering demographic, clinical, and lifestyle factors.

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