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Mahrukh Asghar
Iqra Rasheed
Rajesh Kannan Karuppaiyan
Saud Ahmad Khan
Muhammad Sharyar
Sana Amjad
Hanan Azfar


Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Vibration Footwear, Dynamic Balance, Gait Ability, Neuropathic Symptoms, Randomized Clinical Trial, Mobility Intervention.


Background: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a prevalent complication of diabetes, leading to impaired sensory function and increased risk of falls. This study investigates the potential benefits of vibration footwear in individuals with DPN, aiming to address gaps in understanding the effects on dynamic balance, gait ability, and neuropathic symptoms.

Objective: To assess the impact of vibration footwear applied during the gait cycle on dynamic balance and gait ability in individuals with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Method: A randomized clinical trial was conducted with 60 participants diagnosed with DPN, divided into intervention and control groups. Baseline assessments included demographic data, baseline characteristics, and neuropathic symptoms. The intervention group wore vibration footwear, while the control group used standard footwear. Follow-up assessments included objective biomechanical data, patient-reported outcomes, and adherence measures.

Results: The intervention group demonstrated significant improvements in dynamic balance and gait ability, as evidenced by reduced Timed Up and Go Test times and increased gait speed compared to the control group. Neuropathic symptoms also decreased significantly in the intervention group. Adherence to vibration footwear was high, although not statistically different from the control group.

Conclusion: Vibration footwear shows promise as a therapeutic intervention for enhancing mobility and reducing neuropathic symptoms in individuals with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The results emphasize the potential positive impact of this intervention on the overall well-being and functional mobility of individuals facing the challenges of DPN.

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