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Umar Farooq
Umber Nawaz
Mahrukh Asghar
Ali Raza
Kanwal Fatima
Ali Raza


Coronavirus Disease, Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, Practice Patterns


Background: Coronavirus disease is featured by number of outcomes such as musculoskeletal pains, respiratory distress and cardiovascular involvement in some cases which warrant role of physical therapists based on these symptoms. However, in field what role physical therapists are playing practically remained another question. To answer this study was conducted.

Objective: The aim of my study was to describe the role of physical therapy in management of covid-19; a practice pattern survey among physical therapists in Lahore

Methodology: The cross-sectional survey was conducted among 76 physical therapists irrespective of their age and gender. The data was collected from private and public sector hospitals with an attached corona unit facility. The data was collected through questionnaire which was composed of demographics, role of physical therapist in pandemics, work capacity to work in pandemics and perceived contribution in coronavirus disease management. The data was analyzed in SPSS 25.0.

Results: The results reveal that a significant percentage of physical therapists often or always played a pivotal role in minimizing hospital stays, addressing the mobility of COVID-19 patients, and participating in the planning of ventilations. Furthermore, they actively engaged in Tele-rehabilitation practices, made referrals, and tackled healthcare access barriers. The study underscores their proactive involvement, with a majority conducting online conferences and webinars to highlight their role in COVID-19 management

Conclusion: The study concluded that the physical therapists have very important role to play in management of coronavirus disease 2019 in a variety of positions i.e. in its prevention, its care and cure, early discharge from hospital, post-discharge role in management of complications. Physical therapists have high level of perceived contribution during coronavirus disease 2019.

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