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Muhammad Naveed Aslam
Safdar Ali
Hussna Khan
Awais Abid
Tariq Sultan Pasha


health education, KAP study, tertiary care hospitals, hand hygiene.


Occupation Health and Safety in the modern world has become a critical issue because of its hazards. It has occupied a critical place in a hospital because it is not general realized that unawareness about health and safety can pose biological hazards which in extreme case could act as self-inflicted catastrophe. Employers have legal responsibility to provide a safe work place and system of work, to consult with employees and to keep them informed about health and safety matters. The present study was aimed to critically analyze the occupational health and safety in a tertiary care hospital in Lahore. It was an attempt to study all the issues and point out the weaknesses for the further improvement of OHS in the Hospital.  Results showed that there is a proper occupational health and safety management system in the hospital and approximately all the hospital staff members are well known about the OHS. Some of the answers represent   60-70% results in favor of OHS because of new employees. While conducting this study different suggestions were given for the further improvement of OHS in the hospital.

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