Role of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma in Management of Chronic Wounds

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Abbas Ali Raza
Muhammad Ismail
Naeem ul Haq
Muhammad Javed Khan
Muhammad Ibrahim Shuja


Chronic wounds, Plasma rich platelet, Non-healing wounds


Background and Aim: Globally, the incidence of chronic wounds rose (1.9% to 13.1%) with age, with an estimated 10% of the population developing chronic wounds, resulting in a 2.5% mortality rate. The purpose of the present study was to assess the role of autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) in management of chronic wounds.
Materials and Methods: A randomized control trial was conducted on 46 chronic wounds patients in General Surgery Unit of Mardan Medical Complex, Mardan Pakistan from 6th August 2022 to 5th February 2023. All the chronic wounds patients with traumatic wounds and diabetes were enrolled. PRP was used as a saturated dressing "non-absorbable dressing with paraffin gauze" or as a local injection in the wound margins. Reduction in the size of ulcers in terms of volume and area was assessed after first, second, third, and fourth week.
Results: The overall mean age was 42.8 ± 4.6 years. There were 32 (69.6%) male and 12 (30.4%) females. The incidence of diabetes wounds, venous ulcers wounds, and traumatic wound was 82.6% (n=38), 13% (n=6), and 4.4% (n=2) respectively. The pre-treatment and after 6th injection session area of wound was 4.4±5.7 and 1±2.2 respectively revealing the 77.8% reduction in wound area that is considered as statistically significant (P-value <0.001).
Conclusion: The different etiologies of chronic wounds can be effectively managed by PRP. Additionally, PRP is a safe, economical, biocompatible, and straightforward treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds.

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