Role of IVIM MRI in staging and restaging of rectal cancer

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Hayder Jasim Taher
Ayoob Dinar Abdullah
Hayder Suhail NajmAlareer
Hussein Abed Dakhil
Ahmed Mohmedbaqer Easa
Raad Ajeel Bustan


IVIM MRI, rectal cancer, staging, restaging, meta-analysis


Background: IVIM is a noninvasive method that analyses both the mobility of free water particles and the perfusion generated by microcirculation in vivo using a biexponential mathematical model with varied b values .
Aim: To evaluate Role of IVIM MRI in staging and restaging of rectal cancer.
Methodology: A comprehensive search was conducted for papers that looked into the role of IVIM MRI in rectal cancer staging and restaging. The pooled specificity, sensitivity, constructed summary receiver - operating characteristic characteristics curve, and positive likelihood ratio were estimated after the data was extracted.
Results: After a full-text review, 11 studies were found to be qualified. Specificity and sensitivity were 81 percent (0.83-0.91) and 86 percent (0.77-0.87), respectively, in the pooled data. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve using summarized receiver operating characteristics was 0.97.
Conclusions: According to this meta-analysis, IVIM MRI is an accurate, noninvasive diagnostic tool for staging and restaging rectal cancer.

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