Serological and psychological assessment of patients with oral lichen planus using serum cortisol levels and hads questionnaire—a case control study

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Nallan CSK Chaitanya
Danam Reshmapriyanka
Kandi Pallavi
Shaik Ameer
Amurtha Appala
Avanthi Chowdhary
Tirupathi Prabhath
Marikanti Pota Ratna
Bodakunta Sai Sowmya
Chintireddy Vaishnavi
Parinita Bontala


oral lichen planus, serum cortisol, depression, anxiety


Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a T cell-mediated chronic autoimmune disorder directed against antigens secreted by the basal cell layer, with an incidence of 0.02–0.22% in Indian population and showing female predilection. Stress is considered one of the etiological factors in the causation, progression, and recurrence of this disease. To evaluate the levels of serum cortisol, anxiety, and depression in patients with symptomatic OLP and to correlate the levels of serum cortisol with anxiety and depression. Sixty subjects were categorized into two groups. Group A: 30 adults with no history of OLP and no psychological history of anxiety and depression. Group B: 30 patients with clinically and histopathologically diagnosed symptomatic OLP. The subjects in both groups were evaluated for anxiety and depression levels using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) questionnaire and serum cortisol levels (8–9 am sample) using the chemiluminiscence method. Higher depression and anxiety levels were significantly associated with group B with significant P values (P < 0.0001 and <0.0002 respectively) when compared with group A; higher mean serum cortisol levels were seen in group B compared with group A, with P < 0.0001. In group A, a positive correlation was found between depression, anxiety, and serum cortisol levels with non-significant P-value. In group B, a positive correlation was found between depression, anxiety, and serum cortisol levels with a significant P value (P < 0.0001).
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