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Shahla Faisal
Kiran Hayat Khan
Mohsin Ali
Faisal Maqbool Zahid
Muhammad Sajjad Iqbal
Bushra Aslam


Covid-19, Odds ratio, Meta-Analysis, Risk assessment


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) became widespread in December 2019, causing a Public Health Emergency. It was a cause of great anxiety for a variety of reasons. Since it was a new virus, no one was immune, and there was no antidote or vaccine. Because of its uniqueness, scientists were unsure of how it acts and had no historical data to go on. Mild, moderate, and serious or critical COVID-19 cases were classified. This comprehensive analysis combines findings from multiple studies, shedding light on the numerous factors influencing COVID-19 outcomes. This study aims to assess the risk factors associated with COVID-19 by applying rigorous statistical analyses to a comprehensive dataset encompassing demographic, clinical, and socio-economic variables. A systematic approach is employed for literature review and data extraction, ensuring the inclusion of studies with high methodological quality. Through this comprehensive assessment, we try to identify high-risk populations and factors amenable to intervention.  A critical part of this investigation is to determine the mortality rate among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and to identify specific risk factors that may contribute to fatal outcomes. More specifically, the study explores the impact of prevalent comorbidities on the mortality rate among COVID-19 patients, hypothesizing that the presence of such conditions could potentially elevate the risk of death.
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