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Sarah Awad
Amira Shahid Sheikh
Dr. Mubashir Ahmad
Dr. Fahad Abid
Zahra Mazhar
Dr. Syed Hyder Raza


Depression, Adolescence, Medicine, Mental Health


Introduction: Depression is a pervasive psychological condition impacting individuals of all ages, with particularly severe implications for young people and children, affecting their social, academic, and familial functioning. This study investigates the intake of antidepressants and associated side effects among adolescents.

Methods: An integrated review approach was employed, utilizing databases such as PubMed, SciELO, VHL, and LILACS. Keywords including Depression, adolescence, mental health, and antidepressant medications were used to retrieve relevant English-language human research published within the last 20 years.

Results: Pharmacotherapy plays a vital role in managing depressive disorders in adolescents, according to existing findings and debates. However, it must be part of a comprehensive therapeutic approach rooted in thorough mental health assessments. Despite the importance of antidepressant medication, there remains a scarcity of research on its safety and efficacy in children and young adults.

Conclusion: While antidepressant medication is an essential component of treating Depression in adolescents, its safety and efficacy warrant further investigation. There is a pressing need for more studies to fill the gap in the literature and provide comprehensive guidelines for the use of antidepressants in this vulnerable population.


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