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Areeja Nasir
Dr. Atif Hussain
Ranya Mohammed Elmagzoub
Dr. Elma Sibonghanoy Groenewald
Dr. Coenrad Adolph Groenewald


Anthropometry, Kidney Transplantation, Nutritional Status, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease


Introduction: Patients undergoing post-transplant chronic kidney disease face a prolonged and challenging journey in adapting to the new organ. Throughout this phase, their nutritional status is directly impacted by various factors, including diet, biochemical measures, lifestyle, and anthropometric assessments. This information plays a crucial role in evaluating the nutritional well-being of these individuals.

Objective: The study aims to analyze the relationship between nutritional status and late post-transplant changes, considering factors such as dietary habits, immunosuppressant usage, and the emergence of chronic diseases post-transplantation.

Method: This retrospective cross-sectional analytical study with prospective aspects was conducted in the late post-transplant period. Data, including clinical, socioeconomic, demographic, anthropometric, and biochemical parameters, were collected from patients at the nutritional clinic of the Professor Fernando Institute of Integral Medicine of Figueira (IMIP/PE).

Results: The sample comprised 32 patients, with hypertension being the most prevalent chronic disease associated with cardiovascular risk, followed by diabetes. While the majority exhibited eutrophic nutritional status, there was an associated risk of cardiovascular disease based on waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height ratio, and conicity index methods. Food consumption showed no significant association with the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: Nutritional monitoring is crucial for preventing short-term diseases post-transplantation, contributing to improved clinical outcomes and a reduction in complications that may jeopardize the transplanted organ.


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