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Fahad Sarfraz
Ayesha Zubair
Farrukh Sarfraz
Muhammad Saif Ullah Sial
Qasim Saleem
Rizwan Zafar Ahmad


Multimedia presentation, Students’ learning, Prezi, PowerPoint


Introduction: Recent studies have emphasized the significance of combining visual elements with textual content to optimize learning outcomes. Referred to as the interactive multimedia hypothesis, this principle accentuates the role of immersive audio-visual experiences in education. Initially revolutionizing content delivery, PowerPoint, introduced by Microsoft in 1990, paved the way for multimedia presentations. However, the advent of "Prezi" in 2009 introduced a novel approach to presentation software, potentially posing a challenge to PowerPoint's longstanding dominance.

Objective: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of PowerPoint and Prezi in facilitating learning through a series of assessments focusing on knowledge acquisition and retention.

Materials and Methods: This quantitative experimental study was conducted at Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry in Lahore, involving 66 final-year BDS students who volunteered for participation.

Results: Analysis of the data from 66 participants revealed notable differences in mean scores between the PowerPoint and Prezi groups in both knowledge acquisition and retention tests. The Prezi group consistently outperformed the PowerPoint group in both immediate knowledge acquisition and long-term retention assessments.

Conclusion: The findings indicate a statistically significant advantage of Prezi over PowerPoint in facilitating learning acquisition and retention. These results underscore the potential of Prezi as a more effective instructional tool for multimedia presentations.

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