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Ishrat Naveed
Dr. Komal Kumari
Dr Syeda Nosheen Zehra
Syed Hyder Raza


Hypertension, Hospitalizations, Punjab


Objective: This study aims to analyze hospitalizations related to essential arterial hypertension in the province of Punjab, Pakistan during the year 2023.

Methodology: Conducted as a cross-sectional, observational, retrospective, and descriptive epidemiological study, the research adopts a quantitative approach utilizing secondary data.

Results and Discussion: In 2023, a total of 802 hospitalizations were reported in punjab due to essential arterial hypertension. Among these, 336 (41.90%) involved male patients, while 466 (58.10%) involved female patients. Classification based on the nature of treatments revealed 40 elective hospitalizations (pre-scheduled) and 762 urgent hospitalizations (unplanned). The majority of hospitalizations occurred in the age group of 60 years or older (470 hospitalizations). Patients of mixed race accounted for the highest number of hospitalizations (252). Specific health regions, namely Northeast II, North, and Saint Patrick II, demonstrated elevated rates of hospitalizations for essential arterial hypertension.

Conclusion: The findings emphasize the significance of formulating public policies focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of arterial hypertension. Particularly, targeted efforts are warranted in regions exhibiting higher prevalence and an increased risk of hospital admissions due to essential arterial hypertension.

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