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Naila Zubair
Faiza Nawaz
Sobia Wali Muhammad
Aamna Shahzadi
Muhammad Zohaib
Muhammad Abbas
Fawad Ali


Cobalt oxide, morphological effects, monodispersed, antibacterial activity, zone of inhibition


Microspheres and nanorods shaped tricobalt tetraoxide (Co3O4) fine particles were synthesized using a controlled precipitation method. The precipitation of cobalt acetate and oxalic acid were carried out in ultra-sonic water bath for various duration of time i.e., 20-90°C which caused the formation of cobalt oxalate precipitates. The precursor of Co3O4 was then calcined in furnace at 400°C which resulted in the formation of fine particles of Co3O4. The effect of reaction time and temperature on particle morphology was studied. The synthesized product was then employed to XRD, SEM and FT-IR analysis. All the employed characterization techniques confirmed the composition, purity, morphology and crystalline nature of the synthesized product. Furthermore, the samples were evaluated for their antibacterial activity using well diffusion method. For this purpose, the antibacterial activity of two selected samples of Co3O4 and a commercial Co3O4 were evaluated and compared with positive control (ciprofloxacin). The antibacterial study revealed that synthesized Co3O4 fine particles possess the potential of an excellent alternative for conventional antibiotics.

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