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Muneeza Sher
Rabea Ejaz
Asima Azam
Aishma Khatak
Muhammad Mohsin Ahsan
Iram Maqsood


Broiler chicken, heavy metals, wet-acid digestion, atomic absorption spectrometry


Background: Assessments of heavy metals in the food supply are crucial. Heavy metal contamination is a major environmental hazard that may negatively impact organisms above their threshold levels.

Methods: 45 samples were collected from three areas: A (Naguman), B (Badhaber), and C (Phandu), which included 27 broilers, 9 feed and 9 water samples. Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) was used for heavy metal detection.

Results: The result shows that feed of area C was reported to have significantly (P<0.05) higher Cd concentration, while Cr was significantly (P<0.05) reported in feed of area B, and Pb was significantly (P<0.05) reported in feed of area B. Further, higher concentrations of Ni were detected in feed from area C as compared to feed from areas B and A. There was no significant (P = 0.40) difference in Cd concentration in water in areas A, B, and C. Cr and Ni were not detected in all areas. However, significantly (p<0.05) higher concentrations of Pb were reported in the water of area A. The broiler meat analysis of heavy metals revealed that significantly (P<0.05) higher concentrations of Cd were reported in meat from area A. There was no significant difference in concentrations of Cr, Pb, and Ni in broiler meat from distinct areas.

Conclusion: To summarize farm water was the source of heavy metals in broiler chickens in area A, while feed was the source of heavy metals in broiler chickens in areas B and C.

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