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Sangeeta Panigrahy
Sravanthi Mude
Aruna Rani Behera
Dr. P. Samatha
Ch. Suryamani
Bala Chandrasekhar. P


Minocycline, Multi-Drug Resistant Acinetobacter



Acinetobacter species, resilient in the face of multiple drugs, have become a prevalent presence in hospital settings and among patients. The formidable array of resistance mechanisms they accumulate not only restricts treatment options but also amplifies the challenge of combating infections, significantly elevating the risk of mortality.

Materials and Methods

This prospective study took place in the Department of Microbiology at GEMS and Hospital from November 2022 to June 2023,

Results: 150 multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter isolates were collected from the ICU and various Wards. Maximum MDR isolates were found in the ICU. Pus samples showed the highest multidrug-resistant followed by ET aspirate and Blood. Among 150 MDR isolates, our isolates showed high resistance to ceftriaxone85 (100%), cefoperazone sulbactam 85(100%), amikacin 85(100%), gentamicin 83 (97.6%), cotrimoxazole 75 (88.2%) and ciprofloxacin78 (91.7%) followed by imipenem 78 (91.7%), Piperacillin – tazobactam 81 (95.2%), tigecycline 68 (80%), colistin 61 (71.7%). Susceptibility rates of MDR Acinetobacter strains to minocycline showed better susceptibility by E-test method 78 (91.7%) compared to disk diffusion method 71 (83.5%) and highest susceptibility of minocycline in pus samples followed by ET aspiration and blood and least susceptibility in urinary tract infection where minocycline does not respond well.

 Conclusion: This research underscores the enduring effectiveness of minocycline as a therapeutic choice against MDR-AB. Notably, the E-test demonstrates superior sensitivity when contrasted with the disk diffusion test, adding a layer of precision to our understanding of treatment dynamics

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