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Dr. Talha Tanveer
Dr. Bushra Jabeen
Dr. Humera Nasim
Dr. Hasan Afaq Zaidi
Dr. Kelash Kumar
Dr. Komal


Challenges, Dental students, fixed prosthesis, tooth shade, selection


Introduction: Proper shade selection is essential for both direct and indirect restoration of dentition to achieve successful aesthetic dentistry that meets patient satisfaction and has a progressive impact on a person's personality. Choosing the right shade is one of the most fascinating aspects of giving teeth their original appearance back.

Objective: The main aim of the study is to assess the challenges experienced by dental students and graduates during final shade selection in fixed prostheses.

Material and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among dental students and graduates of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan after the approval of IRB. Hence, study participants completed a self-administered questionnaire to assess the challenges experienced by final-year students and graduates during final shade selection in fixed prosthesis. For their convenience, online forms were also emailed to all the participants. A digital spectrophotometer was utilized to record the color coordinates of the real colors in a clinical setting. The correlation between socio-demographic variables and students’ knowledge was assessed using a Pearson correlation.

Results: A total of 317 students were enrolled in the study. The response rate of the self-administered questionnaire was 78.5%. The average age of all participants was 24.5 ± 2.4 years. Almost 168 (52%) participants informed that knowledge regarding shade selection of tooth is being taught in dental school. Approximately 43 (53%) participants informed that knowledge regarding shade selection of tooth is given by delivering sessions, 23 (28%) participants informed that clinical training is given, and only 15 (18%) informed that both clinical training and sessions are given.

Conclusion: The results of the study concluded that dental students and graduates experienced challenges in final shade selection in fixed prostheses. Hence, for this purpose teaching faculty of dental schools should emphasize the importance of teaching color selection in dental schools through various clinical trainings and sessions. Enhancing knowledge and abilities through exposure also enhances one's perception of dental aesthetics in various extensive dental situations.

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