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Zara Sagheer
Habib Ahmad
Sadia Butt
Zeeshan Qamar
Umber Sattar
Zarian Khan


Thyroid stimulating hormones, Neonates, Maternal factors, Neonatal factors


Background and Aim: Thyroid hormones are critical for fetal growth and development, especially of the central nervous system. The primary regulating hormone is thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The present study aimed to determine the effect of maternal and neonatal variables on the thyroid-stimulating hormones levels in neonates.

Patients and Methods: This retrospective study was carried out on 856 newborns delivered in Ghurki Trust and Teaching Hospital, Lahore – Pakistan from 6th March 2022 to 5th April 2023. Within 48-72 hours of delivery, all neonates were investigated for neonatal-TSH (n-TSH). TSH was measured using a fuorometric enzyme immunoassay on a dried blood spot. Maternal variables included demographic status, clinical history, and obstetric history. As neonatal factors, anthropometric measures at birth and clinical information were recorded. SPSS version 27 was used for descriptive statistics.

Results: The overall mean maternal age was 29.28±3.84 years. The mean birth weight of neonates was 2720.23±556.98 gram. Mean gestational age was 38.58±2.978 weeks. Overall mean parity and maternal Hb (g/dl) was 1.48±0.95 and 11.48±1.216 respectively. An n-TSH showed a significant connection with maternal age whereas the maternal blood hemoglobin levels showed a significant negative connection. A slight change was observed in TSH levels with neonate’s birth weight. Neonates of first order, delivered normally at term or preterm, and need post birth resuscitation had significantly higher TSH levels.

Conclusion: The present study found that neonates of first order, delivered normally at term or preterm, and need post birth resuscitation had significantly higher TSH levels. . However, additional factors may exacerbate the impact, and these aspects should be addressed when evaluating the screening program's results.

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