Psychotropic Drugs in Lactation- Motherisk Update 2008

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Myla E. Moretti


Psychotropic, Drugs, Lactation


Breast   feeding   is   accompanied   by   numerous clinical and psychosocial advantages for both the mother and her child.  Since most drugs will pass into human  milk  in some  amount,  the  lactating mother who requires pharmacotherapy adds complexity   to   the   risk-benefit   assessment   for clinicians making treatment decisions. In the case of psychotropic  medications  this issue is particularly worrisome   since   women   who   are   not   well controlled will have impaired bonding with their child. Moreover, these women may not necessarily recognize adverse events or abnormal outcomes in her     infants.     In     an     ideal situation,  the patient would receive pharmacotherapy to assist in disease management, while at the same time successfully breastfeed her child. This goal of this presentation is to discuss the disposition of drugs in lactating  patients  and to outline  the available literature   concerning   the   use   of   psychotropic drugs in lactating women. Part of the continuum of treating women with psychiatric disease in pregnancy concerns the treatment of women after delivery, and for many, this will include drug treatment during lactation. The goal of today’s discussion  is  to  describe  the  issues  and  outline what is currently known about the use of psychotropic drugs in breastfeeding women

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