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Sadaf Siddique
Meraj Ahmed
Purushottam Kumar
Vidyapati Choudhary



Objective: To present the efficacy of the useful and underexploited lateral supramalleolar flap for the reconstruction of the soft tissue. This flap is used for the reconstruction of the soft tissue in the ankle region.

Methods: There were 40 flaps used in the reconstructive surgery of the soft tissues to treat the defects in the ankle region over the period of 3 years. The exact location, cause of the defect, outcome of the surgery and complication involved during and after surgery, and possible alternative flaps are discussed in this paper.

Results: The follow-ups were taken right from the first month to the eighteenth month. Except for the six flaps in the calcaneal tendon region, the remaining 37 survived. The flaps that did not survive were treated first the split skin late on, after the wound was debrided it was covered with granular tissue.

Conclusion: The reconstructive surgery in the ankle region with a supramalleolar flap for treating the soft tissue defect was useful except for the calcaneal tendon region.

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