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Meraj Ahmed
Purushottam Kumar
Sadaf Siddique
Vidyapati Choudhary


Pedicled groin flap, Reconstruction, Hand defect


Background: A pedicled groin flap has a vital role in reconstructive hand surgery. This flap is not only a safe method for closing the defect of soft tissue loss of the hand but is also used in many clinical conditions.

Aim: The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the epidemiology and geographic aspects of the patients who require treatment with a pedicled groin flap. Pedicled abdominal and groin flaps have been used for hands and forearms reconstruction for years. We studied 40 patients that have undergone the treatment with groin flap reconstruction of hand injuries at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital. The age groups of these 40 patients were 7-56 years.

Methods: Out of 40 cases, the defect in 20 cases is caused mainly by burn. In the rest of the cases the etiology is different.

Results: In 20 cases immediate flap surgery is done because of the exposure of critical structure. 98% of the cases were successful.

Conclusion: Pedicled groin surgery is a safe and easy method which has promising results. It is a good choice for hands and forearm defects.

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