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Bahrul Amin
Adnan Ghani
Aiman Umar
Bushra Rehman
Salma Gul
Hasina Wali
Aneela Naz
Rahmat Elahi
Ali Sher
Fazal Ur Rehman
Muhammad Aamir Manzoor


Fragaria× ananassa, Gibberellin, Photoperiod, reproductive growth


Strawberry is one of the most economical and nutritious fruit. As we know that worlds population is enhancing day by day and need of food is increasing day by day, thus we need to grow more from limited area. To achieve that we need to change our cultivation system and to think beyond than just fertilizer application. Therefore a study was conducted at research area of Horticulture Department, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi during 2017–2018. The experiment was comprised of four different treatments: untreated, 150, 300 and 450 ppm gibberellic acid, and four different environments were created as open field (E1), plastic tunnel (E2), glass house (E3) and lath house (E4). Growth regulator (GA3) was applied with different concentration at vegetative phase i.e. before flowering. Strawberry cultivar “Chandler” was selected for this study, Twenty one plants per treatment were selected to investigate the impact of plant growth regulators on reproductive growth, yield and chemical attributes of strawberries under four environments. The study was comprised of pre and post-harvest reproductive growth and the fruit quality parameters. Throughout the research, the plants treated with gibberellic acid @ 450 ppm had a prominent effect on the reproductive parameters (days taken to flowering, number of flowers, number of trusses, fruit set percentage), quality parameters (TSS, Titratable acidity, and ascorbic acid) also responded positively. The current research concluded that the application of gibberellic acid at concentration 450 ppm in strawberry crop reacted for better flower stimulation, flower numbers and quality features while for maximum fruits production and improved quality, the lath house (E4) showed better results. It was perceived that the treatments of gibberellic acid induced early reproductive growth.

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