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Noora Khudhur Abdulqader
Hazim Talib Thwiny
Aida A. Manthar


HBOV, ARTI, genome, sequencing


In 2005, Allander and colleagues at Karolinska Institute found the human bocavirus (HBoV) in a collection of nasopharyngeal aspirates. There are four human bocavirus species, HBoV1-4 the three species HBoV2, HBoV3, and HBoV4 were caused gastroenteritis and mainly found in stool samples. While HBoV1 causes upper and lower respiratory tract infections (RTI). The HBoV genome is arranged into three open reading structures, ORF1 at the 5' end, ORF2 at the 3' end, and ORF3 at the 3' end, encoding two protein structures, VP1 and VP2. Two hundred oropharyngeal swab specimens were collected from hospitalized children under 5 years old who have been suffering from acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI) from Basrah Maternity and Children Hospital in Basrah city. In the period from December 2020 to December 2021. The human bocavirus was identified by Multiplex OneStep. In a total of 200 tested samples, HBoV was detected in 28 (14%) samples. Analysis of the whole sequence of strain NHAB1 (OP593329) revealed that this strain is similar to HBoV strains at 98.14–98.72%. The allusion strain HZ1303 (KP710210) discovered in China had the highest identical sequences (98.72%). The current study isolates clustered with KP710210 (HBoV type I China isolation). The nucleotide sequences of these genes (NS1, NP1, VP1, and VP2) were translated into the corresponding amino acid. It was discovered that the NS1 aa contained three aa substitutions: at position aa106, glycine (Gly) changed to arginine (Arg). Also, in position aa228 the cysteine (Cys) substituted to glycine (Gly) and in position aa229 the asparagine (Asp) substituted with glutamine (Glu). One aa alteration was found in the NP1 aa sequences at position aa79, where serine (Ser) was changed to asparagine (Asn). While, Among VP1 and VP2 aa there was not substitution detected.

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