Role Of Oxidative Stress as An Etiological Agent in Temporomandibular Disorders: A Systematic Review

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Pavithra M
Arvind Muthukrishnan


TMD, Temporomandibular disorders, TMJ, oxidative stress, splints


Introduction: Since oxidative stress is related to the pathogenesis of TMD, it has been shown that an increase in the generation of free radicals, the release of neuropeptides and cytokines, and the activation of matrix-degrading enzymes from various TMJ tissues were observed. Few studies reported reactive oxygen species (ROS) in TMD. This systematic review aimed to evaluate the role of oxidative stress as an etiological agent in temporomandibular disorders.
Materials And Methods: The search was done on Pubmed, Embase, and Cochrane till January 2023. A title scan was done to identify relevant articles, which were further analyzed for inclusion criteria. Studies that assessed the oxidative stress markers before and after any treatment modality in TMD patients, were included.
Results: A total of three studies were included in this review, which consisted of prospective clinical trials. Risk of bias assessment was done by RevMan software. All the studies show low risk of bias. The included studies show occlusal splints is proven to be effective in the managment of TMD with reduction of oxidative stress marker levels.
Conclusion: It is evident that improvement of the oxidative stress would raise the possibility of constructing novel treatment strategies for TMD. We could postulate new treatment strategies such as antioxidant therapy for TMD in the near future.

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