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Jasleen Duggal
Sarabjeet Singh
Paulina Kuchinic
Paula Butler
Rohit Arora


Thyroid storm, thyroid crisis, esmolol, beta blockers


Thyroid  storm  is  an  uncommon  but  potentially  life-threat ening  manifestation  of  hyperthyroidism. Mortality can be 30-60% in hospitalized patients unless appropriately treated by combined therapy. We report a case of a 25-year-old African American woman with past medical history of Graves disease and moderately persistent asthma who presented to the emergency department with signs and symptoms of thyrotoxic crisis. Therapy instituted and included the use of an esmolol infusion for control of hypersympathetic activity. A review of the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of thyrotoxic crisis is presented along with a discussion on the choice of beta blockade therapy

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