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Danish Shaikh Qureshi
Anusha Vohra
Mohd Khalid Karigar
Mohammed Shoaib


Prevalence, ADR, RNTCP, PMDT, DOTS


India is the highest TB burden country in the world and accounts for nearly one fifth of global burden of tuberculosis. The prevalence is found to be at a low level in most of the country where it has been studied. Management of adverse drug reactions has a major role in treatment adherence and patient compliance. This was a hospital based analytical type of observational study and the confirmed cases of Multidrug Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients from various Tuberculosis Unit under PMDT site. This study was conducted using face to face administered questionnaires. Total 82.5 % patients show one or the other ADR while 17.5 % shows no ADR and average no. of events per patient=5.275. According to our findings in this prospective cohort study, there was no increased risk of TB-drug adverse events with the advancement of age. A higher percentage of female patients (91.7%) than the male (80.9%) patients experienced the ADR. study shows that DOTS Plus treatment is an effective and safe treatment strategy as most of the adverse drug reactions noted were of a mild variety and were managed with symptomatic medications.

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