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Amir Shafique
Murtaza Shafaqat
Syed Shoaib Haider
Umair Ashfaq
Muhammad Awais Butt
Sufyan Shafique


Hypothyroidism, Infertility, Correlation


BACKGROUND: Infertility may occur as a result of a thyroid disease that is neither diagnosed nor treated. Therefore, for fertility and conception the normal functioning of thyroid gland is necessary.

 OBJECTIVE: To determine an association between hypothyroidism and infertility in females of reproductive age group

 METHODOLOGY: It was a prospective observation study carried out at outpatient department of Gynecology and Endocrinology, KEMU / Mayo hospital, Lahore. 60 females of reproductive age group were included, i.e. 30 with primary infertility and 30 with secondary infertility and 30 females in control group. TSH, T4 and T3 levels were assessed and compared with control group.

 RESULTS: The mean age of the patient in the Group A, B and control were 30.97±5.44 years, 30.63±5.46 years and 30.47±5.64 years respectively. The mean serum TSH levels in the group A, B and control were 5.09±2.025 µIU/m, 4.93±1.78 µIU/m and 3.16±1.22 µIU/m respectively. The mean T3 and T4 levels in Group A and B were 0.96±0.27 ng/ml and 12.53±1.9 ng/dl and 0.83±0.20 ng/ml and 11.6± 1.9 ng/dl respectively. Hypothyroidism was present in 66.7% of primary infertility females, 76.7% of the secondary infertility group and 10% of the control group. In secondary infertility group, hypothyroidism had a significant association with age (p value 0.028). Hypothyroidism showed an association with duration of infertility in the primary infertility group with a p value of 0.003. Hypothyroidism and infertility were positively correlated with each other (primary infertility p value 0.000 and secondary infertility p value 0.000).

 CONCLUSION: Hypothyroidism and infertility are correlated positively with each other.

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