Efficacy Comparison between the Strengthening Exercises and Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) in Chronic Non-Specific Neck Pain patients

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Dr Mahnoor Bugti, Porf. Dr Basit Ansari, Dr. Raheela Rahmat Zohra, Dr. Mahnaz Ahmad, Dr Muhammad khan, Dr Ruqaya Nangrejo, Dr Nazia Jameel


Tens, neck pain, cervical pain, pain, Theraband, isometric exercises RESULTS: The TENS is more effective in non-specific neck pain than the strengthening exercise


The mechanism of the underlying study was to choose the best treatment for the chronic non-specific neck pain but it is not clear nonspecific neck pain is associated with the deficit and alteration of the muscles proprioception that play role in the cervical joint position, motor control of the head, and postural stability. Countless treatments for the chronic non-specific neck pain which are approved by the many specialists which have good influence on the non-specific neck pain 

Aim: The aim of our study is to analyze the difference in the between two treatments which treatment is best for the non-specific neck pain the relation between them produced by treatment based on the strengthening exercise which was provided by the theraband and TENS to stimulate muscles deeply and activate proprioception 

Methodology: It was an experimental RTC study which was conducted in the OPD of Karachi. Age criteria 18-60, with non-specific chronic neck pain. The sample size of 24 subjects which are divided into two groups, group A group B comprising, the duration of the study is 4 months neck pain continue for at least the last 3 months. As depend on NDI the variables of the study we will take pain based on the visual Analog scale the findings will be analyzed statistically considering a % significance level p 0.333

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