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Fazli Wajid
Abdul Munaf Saud
Muhammad Jamil
Muhammad Talha Khalil
Irshad Ahmed
Junaid Ahmad Shahryar
Amina Gul Shehzar Khan



Introduction: Majority of displaced proximal humeral fractures can be treated with a sling immobilization and physical therapy. However, approximately 20% of displaced proximal humeral fractures require surgery.

Objectives: The basic aim to conduct this study was to find the treatment of proximal humerus fractures using PHILOS plate.

Material and methods: This retrospective study was conducted at Hayatabad medical complex Peshawar from January 2023 to April 2023. A total of 50 patients with proximal humerus fractures who underwent surgical treatment with the PHILOS plate were included in the study.Clinical and demographic data were extracted from electronic medical records and radiographic imaging studies. Key variables of interest include patient age, gender, mechanism of injury, fracture classification, Neer classification, fracture complexity, number of fracture parts, bone quality, comorbidities, smoking status, and preoperative functional status.

Results: Data were collected from 50 patients. Mean age of patients was 65± 8.2 years. The most common mechanism of injury was a fall from standing height, accounting for 60% of cases, followed by motor vehicle accidents and sports-related injuries, each representing 20% of cases. Neer classification revealed that two-part fractures were the most frequent (40%), followed by three-part fractures (40%) and four-part fractures (20%). Fracture complexity varied, with 60% of patients presenting with single fracture parts and 40% with multi-fragmentary fractures. Bone quality was evenly distributed, with 25 patients having osteoporotic bone and 25 patients having normal bone density.

Conclusion: It is concluded that Proximal Humerus Internal Locking System (PHILOS) plate demonstrates favorable clinical outcomes in the management of proximal humerus fractures, with high fracture union rates and significant improvements in functional recovery.

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