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Darlington David Faijue1, Dr. Hatim Lokhandwala2, Mandeep Kaur3, Ahmed Nasr4, Bryan O. Oyarebu5, Majed Faidy “Ahmad Zaki “Eftaiha6, Amgad Samir Abdelmageed Mohamed Elfeki7, Ahmed Samir Abdelmageed Mohamed Elfiki 8


Aortic coarctation, Aorta bicuspida, elevated blood pressure, and hypertension.


Aortic coarctation, characterized by narrowing of the aorta lumen either preductally or postductally, poses challenges in both diagnosis and treatment. Despite numerous hypotheses, its exact etiology remains elusive.

Methods: This structured abstract assembles data from medical literature to elucidate the clinical presentation, diagnostic challenges, and innovative treatment modalities for aortic coarctation.

Results: Aortic coarctation accounts for 5 to 8 percent of congenital cardiac anomalies and can manifest in both childhood and adulthood. Timely identification is critical, especially in patients under 30 years old presenting with systemic arterial hypertension, to facilitate prompt surgical intervention.

Conclusion: While the etiology of aortic coarctation remains undefined, advancements in diagnostic imaging and surgical techniques have improved outcomes for affected individuals. This abstract underscores the importance of vigilance in identifying this condition and highlights the innovative approaches in its management

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