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Nida Aslam 1, Hafiza Hamna Arif 2, Md Mahbubur Rahman 3, Sadia Batool4, Yaseen5, Sadia Khalid 6, Bryan O. Oyarebu7, Nida Shehbaz 8


Photocatalysis, Dye, Hydrogen, Titanium Dioxide, ZSM-5.


Advanced Oxidative Processes (AOPs), particularly photocatalysis, have gained attention for their potential in environmental remediation and energy production. This study explores the integration of photocatalytic degradation of synthetic textile waste with hydrogen production, using titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles supported on ZSM-5 zeolite.

Methods: TiO2 nanoparticles were deposited on ZSM-5 zeolite with 5% and 10% active phases by weight. The resulting catalysts were characterized for their textural, molecular, and morphological properties. Photocatalytic experiments were conducted in a batch reactor with a recycling system, using reactive blue dye RB250 as a model pollutant under artificial UV radiation.

Results: The supported TiO2 catalysts demonstrated rapid decolorization of RB250, achieving complete color removal within minutes of UV irradiation. Further analysis revealed over 80% mineralization of the wastewater for all catalyst types. Hydrogen production was also assessed, with the pure industrial TiO2 catalyst outperforming the zeolite-supported variants. Specifically, the industrial catalyst produced 11.05 µmol of H2 per gram of catalyst, 50% more effective than the supported catalysts with 5 and 10% active phases.

Conclusion: TiO2-based nanoparticle catalysts effectively decolor textile wastewater and produce hydrogen. While the zeolite-supported catalysts were slightly less efficient in hydrogen production, they still showed significant potential for dual-purpose environmental remediation and renewable energy applications. Future studies could explore optimizing catalyst composition and operational parameters to enhance degradation and hydrogen yield.

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