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Niharika Singh
Dr. Bonny Paul
Shiv Kumar Mantri
Kavita Dube
Ankita Kashyap
Farheen Akhtar


Pro Taper Next, Wave One Gold, Visual analog scale, Postoperative pain


Background- Postoperative pain is frequent complication of root canal treatment and can be influenced by preoperative status, treatment techniques and clinician experience. A new root canal instrumentation system, Pro Taper Next and Wave One Gold which employ varied file design and motion kinematics were selected in this study to evaluate the influence of motion kinematics for reduction of post operative pain.

Objectives – The main objective of this study was to evaluate and compare post operative pain following endodontic treatment performed by rotary and reciprocating file systems.

Material and Methods: A total of 60 patients with asymptomatic / symptomatic irreversible pulpitis between the ages of 25 and 40 were randomly assigned into 2 groups. Group I (n = 30) was instrumented with Protaper Next nickel-titanium file system, Group II (n = 30) was instrumented using Waveone Gold reciprocating system. All canals were instrumented and obturated within the same visit. The patients were asked to rate the severity of postoperative pain on a visual analogue scale at 6,12,24 and 48 hours. Data were analyzed using Student’s t test, Paired t test and Chi square test. The level of significance was set at 0.05.

Results: The mean score for pain preoperatively was found to be highest for both the groups with no significant difference between them, Similarly no significant difference was found at 6 , 12 , 24 and 48 hrs .

Conclusions: Highest intensity of pain was observed at 6 h after the treatment, after which the pain intensity showed significant decrease by time with no significant difference in rotary and reciprocating file system groups.

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