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Bashir Ahmed Khuhro
Jagdesh Kumar
Ashok Kumar Lohano
Muhammad Khan Soomro
Anwar Ali Jamali
Irfan Ali Arbab


Thyrotoxicosis Cardiac Manifestations


Objective: To determine the frequency of cardiovascular (CVS) symptoms in patients presenting with thyrotoxicosis.

Design: cross sectional study

Place & duration of study: Medical and Cardiology department of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women (PUMHSW) Hospital Nawabshah from June 2022 to May 2023.

Methodology: Adult male and female patient with age of 18 years and above presented to the outpatient/inpatient of medical/cardiology department with specific signs and symptoms with elevated serum T3 level, serum T4 level or low serum TSH level were enrolled. All data including signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and results of biochemical, electrocardiographic, and echocardiographic findings of all patients were collected through questionnaire.

Results: total 150 patients were enrolled. Among them, 80.2% of subjects were female, while 19.8% were male with mean age 41.19±11.078%. The palpitations were the most common manifestation (69.00%). During cardiac examination, tachycardia was noted in 82.6% of the subjects, hypertension in 42.2%, and elevated pulse pressure in 32.8%. The mean pulse rate was 121.3103 ±105.98568beats per minute and mean pulse pressure was 53.3±8103 mm Hg. On cardiac auscultation the loud S1 was found in in 76.7% of patients and a systolic ejection murmur at pulmonary area in 25.9% of subjects (Table 2).

Conclusion. In patients with thyrotoxicosis palpitation, chest pain, breathlessness were the dominant cardiac manifestations. So,all patients with thyrotoxicosis presenting with these manifestations should be screened for cardiovascular problems.

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