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Muhammad Saifullah Qureshi
Muhammad Zeeshan Iltaf
Syeda Nadia Shah
Summara Nazir
Azaz Ali
Omar Zeb Khan


Infertility, Depression, Women


The present study highlights the association between infertility and depressive symptoms. Women experiencing infertility are more prone to feelings of depression, as evidenced from the previous work by the prevalence of depressive symptoms in this population. Thus our study's objectives are to evaluate the psychological well-being of women who are having reproductive issues and to look into the underlying causes of depression symptoms in infertile women. Data were collected from 200 respondents. Furthermore, Interviews were held at a location suggested by the respondents or in the waiting rooms of the hospitals and clinics. The association between the independent variable and the dependent variable was measured through a Chi-square test. Besides, multivariate analysis was also performed to look for differences in the prevalence of depression with infertility while controlling the age of the respondents. The study explored a significant association between infertility prevalence of depression. The multivariate level analysis highlights the association between infertility and the prevalence of depression across different age groups. A significant relationship was found among older women.  It has been inference from the findings and prior empirical work that infertile women had a greater prevalence of depression.

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