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Achin Pant
Richa Garg
Alka Negi



Aim & objectives: To evaluate the morphological & functional outcomes (graft uptake & hearing improvement) of endoscopic inside out mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma. 

Methodology: A prospective hospital based case study was conducted in patients attending ENT, Head & neck surgery department of Government Medical college hospital between December 2021 to June 2023 with the diagnosis of chronic otitis media active squamosal (cholesteatoma) that was extended to attic, aditus, antrum &mastoid cavity who underwent endoscopic transcanal inside out mastoidectomy under general anesthesia. Total 25 cases were taken with follow up of 1 year. Transcanal inside out mastoidectomy was performed in all the cases. The functional outcomes such as graft uptake and hearing improvement after surgery was analysed. 

Result: Graft uptake and hearing improvement were significantly achieved in20 of 25 patients, that is 80%, 3 patients required revision surgery and 2 lost for follow up. 

Conclusion: Endoscopic inside out mastoidectomy is a technique with excellent results. It is more functional, with less surgical time (Avg. surgical time- 1.5-2 hours), excellent outcome and minimally invasive procedure that avoids postauricular incision and tissue dissection.

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