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Hadayat Ullah
Amna Asif
Malik Mutahir Hassan
Ibrahim Marouf Yasin Al Shyyab
Ermias Girma Tsega
Mitwa Patel


Obesity, Bariatric Surgery, Risk Factors


Background: Bariatric surgery is a surgical intervention aimed at aiding patients in weight loss, primarily recommended for individuals with severe obesity who have failed to lose weight through conventional methods such as diet and exercise. While bariatric surgery is generally considered safe and effective, it is a complex treatment involving significant dietary and lifestyle modifications. However, there is a potential for adverse effects post-surgery, necessitating a thorough understanding of warning signs and risk factors.

Objective: The objective of this study was to systematically review the literature to identify warning signs and risk factors associated with adverse outcomes following bariatric surgery.

Methods: A systematic review was conducted using the Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (Medline) and the Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences (Lilacs) database. Qualitative analysis of the retrieved data was performed to identify risk variables and warning signs.

Results: The review identified several risk variables associated with adverse outcomes following bariatric surgery, including genetics, anxiety, excessive intake of sweets, psychological factors influencing eating behavior, disordered eating patterns, lack of control/disinhibition in eating, and postoperative stomach volume changes. Notably, rapid weight loss following surgery raised concerns regarding the potential development of biliary issues, which could lead to morbidity, readmission, reoperation, or other complications.

Conclusion: This systematic review highlights the importance of recognizing warning signs and risk factors for adverse outcomes following bariatric surgery. Healthcare professionals should be vigilant in monitoring patients postoperatively and implementing appropriate interventions to mitigate potential risks and optimize patient outcomes.

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