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Dr.M.Shabbir Ahamed
Dr. Arunachalam Muthukumaraswamy
Dr. Akshaya Muthuswamy Narayanan
Dr.Steffy Selastin Raj
Dr.Monika Anbumani



        Periodontal plastic and mucogingival surgery has witnessed a stealthy yet steadfast rise in the ranks from oblivion to cognizance. Diminished vestibular depth is a sapient mucogingival deformity warranting appropriate treatment to correct the same. According to Freidman et al, insufficient vestibular depth results in a significant impediment for oral hygiene maintenance. As a corollary of this, plaque accumulation results which leads to the initiation and progression of periodontal pathology around natural teeth and intraoral prostheses encompassing dental implants. This case series aims to elucidate a diverse melange of techniques to deepen the vestibule which in turn is conducive for periodontal health.

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