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Wajeeha Ishrat
Farah Owais
Shahana Wahid
Sana Waqar
Toqeer Abbas
Humera Khatoon
Maham Siddiqui
Javeria Khan
Syed Fozail Sarmad
Javeria Javed


Type 2 DM, sitagliptin, Metformin, Insulin, Safety and Efficacy


Background: Diabetes mellitus is a public health concern that affects the global population. There are several treatment plans which manage the symptoms and complications of type 2 DM. In this research, a combination of insulin and metformin is analyzed along with the addition of sitagliptin for type 2 DM patients.

Objectives: The study aims to evaluate the safety, efficiency and efficacy of sitagliptin in patients with type 2 DM who are on a combination of insulin and metformin.

Methodology: The study is an observational retrospective study based on previously occurred follow-up. Over the course of 10-years treatment, around 20,000 patients with type 2 DM were screened, out of which 100 patients were randomly selected and assigned into two treatment groups with defined conditions and scenarios. Blood sugar, kidney and lipid profile of the patients were monitored.

Results: FBS, RBS, HbA1C among the participants who were taking sitagliptin as a therapy along with insulin and metformin were found to be lowered (p<0.001) than the participants not taking sitagliptin. CBC, serum electrolytes, Coagulation, lipid and kidney profile were also found to be supportive for enhanced safety and efficacy status among the patients along with lower number of reported ADRs. However, elevation in AST (p <0.001), ALT (P<0.01), serum creatinine (p <0.01) after the addition of sitagliptin need further investigation to rule out its hepatoprotective and nephroprotective status.

Conclusions: The study has evaluated the safety and efficacy of single or combination antidiabetic therapies needs to be considered while managing the diabetic condition.

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