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Dr.Perbhat Kansal
Dr.Shaina Kansal



Introduction- With introduction of NMC Act 2019, in medical education, many more ways were open for students to learn. Also, with this act came a new evaluation pattern for the MBBS students, who will be IMGs, the NExT exam. It targets all the modalities of evaluation, the knowledge, the skill and the communication part also. Hence to evaluate all three modalities for three different purposes of NExT, the evaluation, the licensing and the elimination for PG seats, there must be solid pattern and conduction.

Discussion- The pattern must be of three steps for three objectives to be achieved. The students must also be served with mixed bag of type of questions to be evaluated truly and uniformly all over the India.

Conclusion - A rule book should be published as part of Gazette of India to make it accessible and valid for everyone who has stakes attached to NExT and NMC Act.

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