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Piedad Mary Martelo Gómez
Raul José Martelo Gómez
Javier Antonio Pinedo Cabarcas


aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, key factors, bone quality, adherence to oral care.


The present investigation used a mixed methodological strategy that combined qualitative and quantitative approaches. A review of the existing literature was carried out, and interviews with practitioners in the field were conducted to gather information on key factors in the practice of aesthetic dentistry. Next, the MICMAC technique (Applied Multiplication Cross Impact Matrices for a Classification) was applied to identify the relationships and dynamic structure between the variables. The results showed that the key factors in the long-term success of dental implants were adherence to oral care and maintenance, bone quality and quantity, maintenance and replacement costs, and implant design and surface. These findings provide a solid foundation for understanding key factors in the practice of aesthetic dentistry and may contribute to the improvement of the planning and treatment of dental implants to achieve successful and lasting results.

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