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Chris Amalita F
Dr. Dhivyaa Arunachalam
Haritha Gurusamy Ramasamy
Dr. Narendar Ramesh


Concentrated growth factor, periapical lesion, case control study, extracted socket, soft tissue healing, PRP, PRF, CGF


Background: Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) in patients undergoing oral surgical procedures with periapical lesion serve as a stimulus for tissue repair, promoting bone and soft tissue recovery.

Aim: Determination of the effectiveness of concentrated growth factor on extracted tooth socket with periapical lesion is the aim of the following study.

Materials and methods: Case control Study conducted in 48 patients aged above 18 years old presented to the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for extraction with periapical lesion was evaluated and the efficacy of CGF on extracted tooth socket with periapical lesion. Subjects were assigned into two groups - Group A (Case-CGF) and group B (Control – Conventional treatment.) and were evaluated postoperatively for pain, healing, and assessment of alveolar bone height.

Statistical analysis: Data analysis was done using the software Statistical package for Social Sciences version 26 and recorded as a Mean + Standard deviation.

Results: Pain index between two groups showed mean value in case group was less than control group. Assessment for post-operative soft tissue healing showed mean value for case group is greater than control group with excellent healing in case group. Width of alveolar bone measured at crestal, mid-root, and apical levels showed case group with good growth of alveolar bone evaluated with the control group.

Conclusion: CGF administration in extracted socket with persistent periapical lesions stimulates production of new bone with resolution of inflammation.

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