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Zahid Mehboob
Abid Ali
Faiza Azmat
Mahnoor Zaffar
Shakila Anwar
Muhammad Farhan Sarwar
Hiba Asif


Apple juice, Minerals Content, Physico-chemical analysis, Crude Fat, Protein, Crude Fibre


Apple juice, procured from a fresh natural or commercial source, is adored for its consumption across the globe since, it is sweet, nutrient rich and has incredible health benefits. Current study investigates and contrasts the components of some naturally manufactured and commercially available apple juices in Pakistan. Comparatively high levels of Manganese (0.55 ppm and 0.38 ppm), Chromium (1.62 ppm and 0.51 ppm), Iron (1.65 ppm and 1.08 ppm), Zinc (0.56 ppm and 0.52 ppm), Copper (0.66 ppm and 0.26 ppm), Vitamin C  (1.88 mg/100 mL and 0.76 mg/100 mL) while relatively low contents of  Nickel (0.02 ppm and 0.04 ppm) and Calcium (2.26 ppm and 2.98 ppm) were found in fresh natural and commercial apple juices, respectively. Furthermore, the pH of fresh one was 3.56, whereas, of commercial one was 3.01. Analysis of carbohydrates (NFE) (8.02% and 2.74%), total soluble solids (TSS) (8.38 oBrix and 8.22 oBrix ), moisture (97.02% and 91.65%), ash (0.05% and 0.02%), crude fat (0.07% and 0.06%), crude protein (0.08% and 0.06%) along with crude fibre contents (0.08% and 0%) in fresh as well as commercial apple juice gave substantially variable results. Based on this comprehensive investigation, fresh apple juice is preferred over the commercial one.

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