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Utkarsha Kushwaha
Raj Vishnoi




Health is a method of engaging with one's environment, including one's job, social life, and daily tasks, rather than something that one possesses as a property. Millions of employees stand for the majority of the workday and spend a lot of time in standing body positions. Because standing while working consumes 20% more energy than sitting, standing is not a natural posture for humans. Prolonged standing can cause fatigue, attention problems, and increased health issues. Diseases are become increasingly widespread due to changing lifestyles around the world. The best strategy for successfully leading a life is awareness and creation. One of the most common vein-related to disorders that can be prevented is varicose veins. It is a dangerous illness of that, if appropriate action is not taken, could endanger the patient's life. According to the statistical information system of the World Health Organization, 152 deaths per year in Germany and roughly 177 deaths per year in the US were attributed to varicose veins.

Aim- This literature review aimed to check knowledge of working people regarding prevention, cause and treatment of varicose vein

Method – An extensive search and numerous evaluation of the peer-reviewed literature was conducted for narrative review. Journal article were retrieved from three database (PubMed, Medline, Embase & Research gate) using the search terms ‘vericose vein’ and ‘vericositis’.

Result-The search yielded eight studies related to knowledge among society regarding varicose vein. Subsequent review identified people have very less knowledge regarding varicose vein and its occurrence.

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