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Dr. Abhishek Sharma
Dr. Kumar Gaurav
Dr. Tapan Mandal
Dr. Ankita Singh
Dr. Mohit Bansal
Dr. Ravi Gupta


Implant dentistry, implant failure, complications related to implants, osseointegration, peri implantitis, bone loss, alloplastic material


Implant dentistry is the science which is concerned with the diagnosis , restoration and  management of autogenous or alloplastic structure to restore the contour,  function, esthetics,  speech of the patient , which is partially edentulous or fully edentulous. Now a days implant treatment is turning into a popular as well as promising treatment option in the replacement of partially edentulous and completely edentulous patient. Implant is a prosthetic device, made up of a material, which is alloplastic in nature and is found to be the prime most treatment option in the replacement of missing tooth or the teeth in the oral cavity.  With the growing era of implant dentistry  in todays time, failures along with complications of the implant has also become so common. The main objective of this article is to review the different etiological factors that might lead to failure of the implant.

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