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Dr. Yaser Mahmood
Dr. Humaira Mahmood
Dr. Tehseen Rafaqat
Dr Muhammad Farrukh Habib
Dr. Sher Afgan Raisani
Dr. Shahnoor Zia


Root canal treatment, direct and indirect cost, patient satisfaction, cost and patient satisfaction relationship


Objective: To determine the direct and indirect cost of the root canal treatment and its relationship with the patient satisfaction.

Material and Methodology: The research is analytical cross sectional and was done by using two separate questionnaire surveys. Sampling technique used was convenience sampling and the sample size used is of 384 patients. Chi square test was applied to determine the goodness of fit between patient satisfaction undergoing RCT and the cost of RCT.

Results: The minimum cost of the procedure according to the survey was about 5k. While 348 out of 384 patients were satisfied to spend less than the minimum cost. The calculated p-value was 0.03 which shows that the results were highly significant.

Conclusion: The study included a low income population and according to the results of the survey, they wanted to spend less amount on the treatment. The repeated visits created a major problem in terms of the cost the patient had to bear. Patients were satisfied with the staff availability, technique, equipment and procedure of the treatment. But they were not satisfied by the scheduling and post-operative care and follow up procedure.

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